What's up in 2018?


First races of the season

I will have my first important race on the 2nd of March at the World Triathlon Abu Dhabi where I will be having my comeback to the highest level of triathlon. I have not competed in World Triathlons since 2016 because of my dispute with the German Federation in 2017.

In 2018 many of the things I criticised last year were scrapped out of the nomination system. Of course it was not because I started pointing out the problems even before the 2017 season started, before the problems actually occurred. How could an athlete know anything about the international race system? Also the German Federation will cover the travel to World Triathlon races in 2018, which is why I agreed to sign the contract with the federation about marketing etc., the one contract I did not want to sign last year and because of which I was not allowed to race on the highest level. If a corporate partner (in this case the federation) agrees to support me financially I am of course willing to give my share and renounce most of my marketing rights during the World Triathlon races. You can imagine which part of that agreement was missing last year so I did not sign it. This, in short, is why I am allowed to race the World Triathlon Abu Dhabi as the 2017 nomination system is still in place until after that race and I was qualified for World Triathlons all along in 2017.

Two weeks before the race in Abu Dhabi I will compete in the Oceania Championships. Although it is the continental highlights for all the athletes in Australia and New Zealand, for me it will be more of a preparation race leading into the World Triathlon race. I know from experience that I usually have some problems of reaching my limit right in the first race of the season. Even if I am physically in great shape I need that first race to blow all the dust out of my muscles and get me to a state, where I can give it my all, physically and mentally.

The race in Abu Dhabi will then be an important start into the World Triathlon season. As all the races after the first one are seeded according to the season ranking, I can get myself into a good position on the pontoon for the further races if I only win some ranking points in Abu Dhabi. Also, as I was gone from the highest ranking for so long, I will need at least one race to get used to the brutal speed again. You just don't get that much intensity over the whole race in World or Continental Cups.

Straight after Abu Dhabi, I will head back south to Australia for the World Cup in Mooloolaba on the next weekendn(10.03.). This will be a great opportunity to earn some valuable points for the world ranking as well as make the most out of a (hopefully) good form for the World Triathlon race the week before. The World Cup will also be my chance to qualify back for the World Triathlon level in 2018. Yeah I know it seems utterly complicated. Why am I allowed to race in the first race but then have to qualify again for the further races? Well I will explain all that in the next blog and go a little deeper into the nomination system of the German Federation in 2018. Until the 17th of March I am qualified for every race I want to enter, because I was so in 2017. And due to that situation I will have the chance to take a little shortcut to the top level in 2018, if my results in those first three races are good enough.

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